Vector Control

Ingleside Vector Control

The Public Works Department handles mosquito spraying (Vector Control) for the City of Ingleside.  Spraying for mosquitoes is usually done 1- 3 days after sufficient rainfall, or as warranted by weather conditions. 

Vector spraying is most effective when done in the morning from sunrise until approximately 7am and in the evening from dusk until approximately 9pm.

Spraying is scheduled for optimum exposure, when wind speed is below 10 mph, and scheduled to take place before or after peak traffic times whenever possible.

The Public Works Department also distributes Mosquito Larvacide Briquets into standing water and storm drains throughout the city to prevent the maturation of mosquito larvae.

Mosquito Larvacide Briquets are also available at no cost to Ingleside residents and may be picked up at the Public Works Yard, 2525 Eighth Street, Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

Mosquito Larvicide Briquets


Donald Paty
Director of Public Works
Office: (361) 776-7409
Fax: (361) 776-6425
2525 Eighth Street, Ingleside, TX 78362
At the corner of Eighth Street and Avenue B, under the water tower
P.O. Drawer 400, Ingleside, TX 78362