New Service

If you are new or moving to our City and wish to open an account, you may choose one of the following options:

Mail a signed and dated copy of each form along with a copy of your current driver’s license and social security card. Enclose the applicable water deposit fee (usually $80 minimum for residential service). Please refer to the Fee Schedule. Once the payment, copies of your driver’s license and social security card and forms are received by the Utility Business Office, you will be mailed a Deposit Receipt. Your service will commence on the date you specified. Please see an example of the Deposit Record.

Sample Deposit Record

If you are constructing a new building or adding to an existing building and you need to connect to our water and sewer lines:

  • Call City Hall at 361-776-2517 to find out if water or sewer lines are already in place and what fees need to be paid. Ensure that you have the legal description of your property (lot and block number, etc.) or a local address.
  • Call the City’s Building and Inspection Department for information on required permits. The permit process will include inspections by plumbing inspectors.

Also, if the service address has been vacant for more than two (2) months, the Building Official must inspect your property before services are connected. It is a State requirement to have backflow devices on all outside faucets to prevent contaminated water from backing up into the City’s water. The backflow devices may be purchased at City Hall for $5.00 or at any local hardware store.