Press Release

The City of Ingleside City Council has named Jodi Carr as the new Assistant City Manager/Director of Economic Development.  After holding an Executive Session at the Regular City Council Meeting of July 27, 2021, Council Members voted unanimously to promote Ms. Carr to the position of Assistant City Manager/Director of Economic Development.

Ms. Carr has been an employee of the City of Ingleside since 2019, serving as Director of Economic Development for the City and also Executive Director for the Ingleside Development Corporation.  Ms. Carr brings a well-rounded background to this role, having served over 8 years in local government operations, as well as multiple years in the industrial sector.  Carr is a graduate of both Texas A&M University – College Station and the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute.

Ms. Carr has a servant’s heart and takes pride in serving the citizens of Ingleside.  She believes in planning and managing the growth in a well-designed, thoughtful manner.  Ms. Carr states, “Ingleside is experiencing tremendous growth and I am excited to be able to contribute to the planning and development of this great city.  I am honored to be promoted to Assistant City Manager/Director of Economic Development by the City Council and am privileged to serve the citizens and the City of Ingleside.”