Fire Marshal

Mission Statement

To protect life and property from the hazards of fire or explosion, to ensure the safety of our citizens in the constructed environment, to provide equal access to disabled individuals, and to promote the efficient use of energy in commercial buildings.

Goals/Services Provided

This Office of Fire Marshal maintains its responsibilities to the citizens of Ingleside and to effectively respond to the diversified needs of the community.

How to Request Inspections

Call the Ingleside Fire Department at 361-776-3815 or email the Fire Marshal, James Creek at  Requests for inspections need to be made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the expiration date of the previous inspection or a minimum of 1 week before a new business is expecting to open.


Firefighter Helmet IconJames Creek
Fire Marshal
Office:  361-776-3815
Location:  2665 San Angelo, Ingleside, TX 78362
Mailing:  P.O. Drawer 400, Ingleside, TX 78362