Fire Department Apparatus

Picture of mobile command center Picture of Engine 111, a 2012 Ferrara MVP Picture of Brush 165, a Ford F-550
910 is a mobile command center that houses a large communication system with work areas for larger incidents. Engine 111 is a 2012 Ferrara MVP. It has taken the place of engine 110 as the city’s front run engine. 111 has all the equipment of an engine. It has a 1000 gallon water tank and a 200 gallon per minute fire pump. 111 also has the capabilities of a heavy rescue with the Jaws of Life, specialty rescue equipment, ropes and rigging for high angle rescue. Brush 165 is a Ford F-550 fast attack brush truck built by Daco. It was purchased with a grant from the Texas Forest Service in 2011. It carries a compliment of wild land tools. 165 carries 500 gallons of water and 20 gallons of foam, has a remote nozzle operated from inside the cab on the front bumper.
Picture of Engine 110, a 1992 E-One Picture of Tender/Engine 140, a 2003 Sutphen Picture of aerial truck, Quint # 130
Engine 110 is a 1992 E-One fire apparatus that has served the city as the front run engine for 20 years. Recently it has been placed in reserve/ training status within the fire department to be used as a training tool for new pump operators. 110 is still fully equipped and is able to be run at any time to a fire if the need arises. Tender/ Engine 140 is a 2003 Sutphen fire apparatus that serves dual purposes. It is a tender that carries 2500 gallons of water and has a quick dump capability to shuttle water to fire scenes without hydrants. 140 also has all the equipment that a standard engine carries with all the hose and a 1250 gallon per minute pump. This enables it to act as a front run engine if the need arises. Our aerial truck, Quint # 130, was purchased in 1999 to help aid in fire protection for our new schools and growth of the community. It is a Class A Pumper from Sutphen and equipped with a 1,500 Hale pump, 70′ ladder/platform, carrying 300 gallons on-board and also it is also equipped with high angle rescue gear.
Picture of Brush 166 Picture of Brush 167 Picture of Brush 168
Brush 166 is a former army 5 ton tractor that is being converted into a brush truck to take the place of retired brush 160. All work being done to get this truck into service is being provided by the volunteer firefighters. Brush 167 is also a former army 5 ton tractor that was completed and put into service in 2013. All construction on this vehicle was completed by volunteers. Supplies to build the truck were donated by local companies. This truck will serve as the front run wild land firefighting vehicle for the city. Brush 168 is currently waiting to be built.
Picture of Brush 160 Picture of Engine 3.5 Picture of Brush 161
Brush 160 was retired after 15 years of service to the community. Engine 3.5 was donated to us by H-E-B as a Radio Flyer wagon. It was designed and built by our firefighters in 2001. It is used in our annual fire prevention programs at local schools and as the pumper in the Kids Pumper Races during our Annual Fire and Emergency Services Expo in October. Brush 161 was retired after 17 years of service.

Keeping a piece of history for all to see is something IVFD wants for all Ingleside residents past, present and future to appreciate the engines that served the city.

Picture of Engine #4

Engine No. 4 was the first new fire truck the city purchased on April 25, 1962. This is the only antique engine the department still has in its fleet and still runs.

The plan is to use her as a parade truck and to escort any fallen member of our fire department if the need arises. This truck could also serve again if an emergency were to come about and our equipment was down. See her progress below.

Picture of Engine #4

Doesn’t she look great!