Election Results!


Listed below is an unofficial tabulation of results of the General Election held on the 5th day of May, 2018.  

This does not include any outstanding Mail Ballots or Provisional Votes from Election Day.


The Canvass of the City of Ingleside Election will be held on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the Garden Center, City of Ingleside, Texas.

Full Term Mayor (Two-year Term)

Ronnie Parker: 307 Total Votes
(27 Absentee Votes, 164 Early Votes, and 116 Election Day Votes)

Luis Lamas: 154 Total Votes
(13 Absentee Votes, 59 Early Votes, and 82 Election Day Votes)

Place # 2 Council Member (Two-year Term)

Kody Fahrenthold: 346 Total Votes
(28 Absentee Votes, 174 Early Votes, and 144 Election Day Votes)

Place # 4 Council Member (Two-year Term)

Ben Tucker: 379 Total Votes
(30 Absentee Votes, 183 Early Votes, and 166 Election Day Votes)

Place # 6 Council Member (Two-year Term)

Ricardo Trevino, Jr.: 181 Total Votes
(11 Absentee Votes, 80 Early Votes, and 90 Election Day Votes)

John F. Schack: 246 Total Votes
(24 Absentee Votes, 132 Early Votes, and 90 Election Day Votes)

Place # 3 Council Member (One-year Term)

Pete Perkins: 358 Total Votes
(28 Absentee Votes, 171 Early Votes, and 159 Election Day Votes)

Total Votes Cast in City of Ingleside Election: 464

Posted: May 5, 2018, __8:30___ p.m.

Kimberly Sampson, City Secretary