Mission Statement:

To perform maintenance of drainage facilities in a manner that will provide safe and efficient movement of storm water through the drainage collection system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if the ditch adjacent to my property is not draining correctly?

You need to contact the drainage department at 776-7409 to come out and survey the drainage in your area.

Who is responsible for the upkeep and mowing of my ditch?

The property owner is responsible for keeping the ditch mowed and clean of debris.

My street is always backed up with water when it rains due to overgrowth of grass on the curbs, who is responsible to keep the curbs cleaned for proper street drainage?

The property owner is responsible for keeping curbs clear of grass overgrowth to allow for proper drainage.

How often does the ditch adjacent to my property get cleaned out?

Every 5 years, or sooner if the need arises.

Am I responsible for the cost of installing a culvert in my driveway?

Yes, the drainage department will supply the materials and install the culvert for a fee, contact the drainage department for prices and availability.

What is the minimum size culvert that can be installed on my property?

18 inches or larger unless approved by the City Manager.


Donald Paty
Director of Public Works
Office: (361) 776-7409 or (361) 776-7315
Fax: (361) 776-6425
2525 Eighth Street, Ingleside, TX 78362
At the corner of Eighth Street and Avenue B, under the water tower
P.O. Drawer 400, Ingleside, TX 78362