About the Council

The City Council is the legislative and policy-making body of the City of Ingleside, a “home-rule” city, operating under the authority of the City Charter.  The Council enacts legislation, adopts the budget, sets the tax rate, determines policies, approves the appointment of the City Manager, City Attorney, Municipal Court Judge and Clerk, and all Boards and Commission Members.

City Councilors are elected and represent the city “at-large.” Council Members serve staggered two year terms with three members up for reelection each year.  The Mayor is also elected at large and serves a two-year term.  No Mayor or Council Member may serve more than three consecutive terms, whether partial or complete terms, whether elected or appointed.

The City Council receives information from the following groups to decide issues and set policy:

a) Recommendations from City Staff based upon study and analysis;
b) Inquiries and information from citizens;
c) Decisions and advice from the City Boards and Commissions;
d) Professional advisers/consultants as needed.

The regular meetings of the City Council are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, except November and December, which shall be the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall, 2671 San Angelo Street.  Special meetings may be held on the call of the Mayor or three Council Members.

Any citizen may speak during Audience Presentations which is on each Regular City Council Meeting.  If a citizen requests to be placed on the agenda for discussion with the City Council, they must put their request in writing and provide it to the City Secretary the Thursday prior to the Scheduled City Council Meeting.