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Bennie Diegel Baseball Complex

Subfacility of Live Oak Park

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  1. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  2. Parking
  3. Picnic Tables
  4. Playground
  5. Restrooms
  6. Wildlife viewing area

Bennie Diegel Baseball Complex

The Bennie Diegel Baseball Complex has three dedicated fields to include the Cooper Field, Lopez Field, and Vaden Field.

Bennie Diegel

A Lifelong Ingleside resident and 1962 graduate of Ingleside High School, Bennie Diegel dedicated his life to the service others.  Dennie served in the U.S. Army and continued in public service as City Council member for the City of Ingleside, and longtime School Board Member for Ingleside ISD.  Bennie is best known for his work with the youth of Ingleside as a coach and mentor.  

Lance Corporal Hilario Lopez, USMC

A 2002 graduate of Ingleside High School, Hilario Lopez proudly served his country as a United States Marine.  Lance Corporal Lopez made the ultimate sacrifice on December 12, 2004 while manning a security check point in the Anbar Province during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  

Raymond Eugene Cooper

A resident of Falfurrias, TX who attended Falfurrias schools dedicated his life to law enforcement.  He served his country proudly in the U. S. Navy and Yankee Station near Vietnam.  Raymond worked for the Falfurrias Police Department, as a guard at Huntsville Prison and for the Ingleside Police Department.  Officer Raymond Cooper was killed in an automobile accident during a high speed chase of a female suspect near Gregory, TX while serving as Ingleside Police Officer.  End of Watch 01/15/1978.  

William R. "Willie" Vaden

William was a lifelong resident and community leader in Ingleside.  Willie attended Ingleside high school until 1965 when he joined the United States Marine Corps during the height of the Vietnam War.  Willie's love of country and community grew larger when he returned home to Ingleside.  Willie raised his family in Ingleside and entered the oil and gas industry as a petroleum inspector.  Willie quickly became the industry's "go to" person for oil inspections.  Willie always having desire to better his hometown, ran for city council and was elected in 1999.  

Willie ran several campaigns and served on the city council for a total of 15 years, 4 of which he served as Mayor of Ingleside.  Willie was also a candidate for U. S. Congress and the Texas House of REpresentatives.  Willie was a loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend.  His generosity in the community was unparalled.