Ingleside Development Corporation


  • Rene Contreras, President
  • Teresa Flores, Vice President
  • Scott Shaler, Secretary
  • Kody Fahrenthold
  • Ben Tucker
  • Cindy Wilson

The Corporation shall be managed by a board of directors which shall be composed of seven persons appointed by the Council. The terms of directors shall be 2 years, expiring on September 30 of odd-numbered (3 members) and even-numbered years (4 members).

Directors may be appointed to succeed themselves. Each director must be a resident of the City and at least 3 directors must not be employees or officers of the City or members of the Council.


The Ingleside Development Corporation’s responsibilities are to oversee the use of 4-B Tax funds for the development and beautification of the City. The Commission shall formulate and make recommendations to the City Council regarding planning and expenditures.