Water Treatment

Source of Water

All of the drinking water supplied by the City of Ingleside is delivered by the San Patricio Municipal Water District. The water comes from a surface water impoundment system consisting of Lake Corpus Christi, Choke Canyon Reservoir, and Lake Texana. Water stored in Lake Corpus and Choke Canyon makes its way down the Nueces River to intake pumps at Calallen.

The untreated river water is moved by pipeline to the San Patricio Municipal Water District treatment plant near Ingleside. Lake Texana water is pumped through the 101-mile Mary Rhodes Pipeline directly to the O.N. Stevens treatment plant where it is blended with water from the Nueces River.

Treatment of Water

The treatment plant purifies the water through a process of chemical treatment, settling, filtration, and disinfection. Water treatment chemicals are added to remove impurities, kill harmful bacteria, eliminate tastes and odors and help prevent tooth decay. The same quality drinking water is then delivered to all residential, commercial, and industrial customers.