Water Resources

Local Water Supply

San Patricio Municipal Water District (SPMWD)

The SPMWD obtains its water supply from the Choke Canyon/Lake Corpus Christi Reservoir System within the Nueces River Basin. These reservoirs are fed by the Nueces, Frio, and Atascosa Rivers. The upper reaches of these rivers flow through the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. During periods of low flow, most of the river flow north of the aquifer is captured by the aquifer, excluding the northern portion of the basin from the reservoir's watershed.

Mary Rhodes Pipeline At Lake Texana

The Mary Rhodes Pipeline was completed in September 1998 and extends 101 miles from Lake Texana near Edna, Texas. The pipeline delivers water to the O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant in Corpus Christi.

Future Water Supply

Colorado River

In 1999, the City of Corpus Christi concluded the purchase of 35,000 acre-feet per year of water rights in the Colorado River from the Garwood Irrigation Company. These water rights are now permitted for transfer and use in the Corpus Christi service area. This water will be transported to Corpus Christi via a pipeline that will be constructed at some future date from the Colorado River connecting to the Mary Rhodes Pipeline at Lake Texana.


A subcommittee of the Regional Water Supply Task Force has recommended the future evaluation of the economics of seawater or brackish water desalination for the area. The cost of desalination remains higher than the cost of acquiring additional freshwater resources.