The City of Ingleside wants to proudly welcome you to our family of businesses. We offer the following incentives to assist you in your relocation decisions.

Tax Abatement Programs on Real or Personal Property

Both the City of Ingleside and the County of San Patricio offer tax abatements for new business construction and existing industry expansions, as well as personal property tax abatements associated with real property. Incentives are based on job creation and impact to the community and are awarded on a case by case basis.

Capital Grants & Loans

The State of Texas offers multiple grant and loan programs designed to provide capital access and expenditure assistance. The Texas Capital Access Fund, the Infrastructure Grant Program, and the Real Estate Development Program are available to qualifying businesses. Ingleside will work with both new and expanding companies to apply for this assistance and stay by your side during the process.

Texas Enterprise Fund

This Fund was created to bring jobs to Texas by attracting new business and assisting with the substantial expansion of an existing business. The review process for eligibility includes:

  • Job creation and wages
  • Capital investment
  • Financial strength
  • Business history
  • Relevant business sector financial support
  • Public and private sector financial support

The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives jointly award this incentive.

Texas Emerging Technology Fund

This fund was established for research and development activities in emerging technology industries. The Fund has three components:

  1. Incentives to Create Regional Centers of Innovation and Commercialization
  2. Research Matching Grants
  3. Acquisition of Research Superiority

Targeted industries include:

  • Semiconductor
  • Information
  • Computer and software technology
  • Energy
  • Manufactured energy systems
  • Micro-electromechanical systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Medicine
  • Life sciences
  • Petroleum refining and chemical processes
  • Aerospace
  • Defense

Fast Tracking of Permits

One of the most important incentives, which is difficult to place a value on, has been our ability to “fast track” a project. Ingleside has a track record of working closely with industry and business to bring projects online in record time. By removing obstacles and being proactive, we are proud to say we have a very satisfied list of business and industry partners who highly recommend us to those considering a move here.

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

FTZs are areas where foreign and domestic merchandise is generally considered to be in international trade. Goods can be brought into a zone without formal Customs entry or incurring duties or excise taxes, unless and until they are imported into the United States. This vehicle is utilized by some of Ingleside’s present partners.

Job Training Funds & Programs

The Texas Workforce Commission offers the Skills Development Fund to finance customized job training provided by the public community and technical colleges. Our local Workforce Solutions and the close by Craft Training Center, along with Del Mar Community College just 20 minutes away can customize programs for your business.