City of Ingleside Proposed Amendment

The City of Ingleside invites all citizens to review and comment on a proposed amendment to its 2019 CDBG-DR Program Contract No. 20-065-086-C247 (Houghton Subdivision Drainage).  This amendment will update the location for work with the same scope as the original project by removing activities on Mustang Drive and adding activities on Coach Emory Bellard Drive between W. Main St. and Waco.  A copy of the proposed amendment is available for review on the City’s website. (Click here to view the proposed amendment.)  To view a hard copy at the City Hall, please call 361-776-2517 to make an appointment.  Written questions and comments may be submitted through 8/26/20 to Sarah Wardinsky, City Secretary, at or mail to 2671 San Angelo, P.O. Drawer 400, Ingleside Texas 78362.  .

A Public Hearing will be held during the City’s regular scheduled Council meeting on August 26, 2020 at 6:30 pm.  Citizens may view the meeting at that time by going to this link.  Questions or comments during the meeting may be sent to: