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Press Release – Donations

Press Release
September 3, 2017
10:00 a.m.
City of Ingleside

During the tragic event of 2017 Hurricane Harvey, we have seen such amazing support of volunteers and donations.  We TRULY appreciate everything from the smallest to the greatest sacrifices.  The outpouring of heartfelt support has been the backbone to our ongoing recovery.  THANK YOU!

Our community was fortunate enough to not be in the direct eye of the storm and therefore did not receive as much damage as others.  We now have water, sewer, most of our cellular service, and about 80% of the city now has electricity.  Our HEB has reopened for food, supplies, and gas.  Other businesses are slowly opening and our nearby City of Portland has opened most of their gas stations, restaurants, and various other businesses.

At this time, the support has been so overwhelming that we are now overflowing with donations.  We are asking that any donations be sent further up the coast line to other communities in more need of support than we are.  We truly appreciate the gestures; however, we are mostly self-sufficient for supplies and our next step is the recovery stage.

We still need assistance with clearing trees and debris, and even rebuilding certain homes for the elderly, limited income, and those homes without insurance.

This has been a true tragedy up and down the coast of Texas, but we will rebuild and we will overcome Hurricane Harvey!

The City Of Ingleside, Texas