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Request for Proposal Operational and Organizational Assessment of the City of Ingleside

Issued by the City of Ingleside
May 2017
Request for Proposal Operational and Organizational Assessment of the City of Ingleside

The City of Ingleside is the second largest city in population in San Patricio County. Located on the eastern tip of San Patricio County, Ingleside is 18 miles from Corpus Christi, about 150 miles south of San Antonio and 225 miles southwest of Houston. The COI serves a diverse population of nearly 9300 residents in approximately 16.0 square miles of land within the City’s corporate boundary. Ingleside is about 40% developed. Currently, the City of Ingleside is comprised of 101 (78 Full-Time, 15 Part-Time, 8 Seasonal) employees.

The City of Ingleside, Texas, (the “City”) was incorporated on June 18, 1951 under the provisions of the laws for the State of Texas. The City operates under a charter with a Council – Manager type of government.  Services provided by the City under the general governmental departments including City Manager, City Secretary, Finance, Police, Municipal Court, Public Works (Utility, Infrastructure, Parks), Building Inspections, and Library.

The City of Ingleside is requesting proposals from qualified firms or individuals interested in conducting an Operational and Organizational Assessment of the City of Ingleside, recommending operational efficiencies, organizational structures, and performance measures to ensure the City is operating at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

This document outlines the scope of work for consulting services. Sealed bids should be marked as “Sealed Bid – RFP Operational – Organizational Assessment”.  An original and ten (10) copies of the proposal shall be submitted in writing at Ingleside City Hall, 2671 San Angelo, Ingleside, TX 78362, no later than two pm (2 p.m.) on Thursday,  June 8, 2017.  Proposals will be opened at that time.  For additional information contact:

Kimberly Sampson
City Secretary/Human Resource Director
City Secretary’s Office
2671 San Angelo/PO Drawer 400
Ingleside, TX  78362

The City is seeking an independent consultant to review and assess the current organizational structure, operational functions, and levels of staffing and make recommendations that will enhance the organizational operations for current and future needs.

Questions regarding the RFP
Questions can be asked through June 1, 2017 and will be responded to as promptly as possible.  A list of the questions and answers will be published by June 5, 2017 on our city website at

Scope of Services
The information being sought by the City will require the accomplishment of the following tasks: (In responding, please identify the order for completing these tasks and any other tasks that may be necessary to complete the scope of work.)

Organizational Review

  • Conduct a detailed examination of the City’s organizational structure and functions.
  • Identify existing organizational priorities.
  • Assess the functional assignments and staffing levels required to perform current duties.
  • Identify current supervisory ratios and based on industry best practices and organizational needs, develop recommendations for appropriate supervisory ratios.
  • Evaluate the City’s and Department’s initiatives, goals and objectives.
  • Identify all currently active strategic planning efforts.
  • Assess interdepartmental collaboration with all other City departments
  • Evaluate staff scheduling and process for managing overtime
  • Assess administrative strengths, i.e. financial, supervision and development of staff, risk management coordination and practices, and use of technology and identify areas requiring additional support and staffing.

Operational Review

  • Review all Departments operational functions and workflow process for each area.
  • Identify current performance measures and based on industry standards.
  • Produce an updated description of each job and produce a classification system based on job content analysis;


  • Identify best practices and performance measures that should be adopted by the City.
  • Recommend an optimal organizational model
  • Provide recommendations for streamlining procedures and processes for current and required functions
  • Identify cost saving technologies to support current and future programs and operations
  • Provide training recommendations to improve operations and support succession planning
  • Identify staffing requirements, both current and future
  • Identify performance measures that should be adopted by the City

Working Relationships
This RFP is being issued by the City Secretary’s Office of the City of Ingleside. It is expected that the successful prime Consultant and any Sub-Consultants will report to the City Secretary/Human Resource Director and work with the Human Resources Department on data gathering and review of data information.

At the conclusion of the operational and organizational reviews, the consultant shall, as described in the Scope of Work: 1) provide a summary of findings that effectively summarizes and communicates the information reviewed 2) identify key issues and opportunities, 3) formulate recommendations in a priority order, and 4) provide updated job descriptions for current and any recommended positions.

A Draft Report with an Executive Summary shall be issued to City staff. The document shall include the summary of findings and recommendations as identified in the Scope of Work. Any spreadsheets or other documentation prepared by the Consultant shall be provided to the City in electronic format.

A Final Report shall be issued following staff comments on the draft. In addition, City staff will require a PowerPoint presentation to the City Secretary/Human Resource Director, and the City Council, and/or a Council Subcommittee, as appropriate. The report should provide sufficient information for policy decisions regarding operational and service options. Twenty (20) copies of the Final Report will be required along with an electronic copy.

This project should be completed within 90 days of contract award.

Please submit your firm’s qualifications, identify key staff to be assigned to this project, provide resume’s for each key staff member; provide at least five (5) professional references for work that was performed similar to that requested in this RFP, and provided a detailed description of your approach to the project, deliverables, time schedule, and not to exceed total fee amount, including miscellaneous expenses.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns; please feel free to contact Kimberly Sampson, City Secretary/Human Resource Director at 361.776.2517.