Bulk Waste
Bulky Trash Pick Up Returns to Ingleside

Bulky Trash Pick Up Returns to Ingleside

Republic Services, the City’s garbage contractor, will resume Bulk Pick Up services on TUESDAY, February 6, 2018. Bulk Pick Up service was previously done on Fridays, but now it will be performed on Tuesdays.  

You will need to call City Hall at 361-776-2517 on MONDAY afternoons before 4:00 p.m. to inform us that you will have Bulk Pick Up items out by the road.  If you fail to inform us, your items will not get picked up.  After you inform us, your Bulk Pick Up items must be at the curb on Tuesday by 8:00 a.m. or your items may not get picked up. 

As in the past, please place your items so that they are not under any low lying tree limbs or electrical lines.  Bulk Pick Up items consist of stoves, water tanks, washing machines, furniture and other large items too large or too heavy to fit in the trash can.  Construction debris, boxes, and bagged items of any kind are NOT considered bulky items and will not get picked up.  

Please call the Utility Department at 361-776-2517 for more information or questions regarding your garbage services.